The Orient is just pretty

Katherine Bakhoum’s is currently showing her 13th show, titled “Magic of the Orient” at Safar Khan Gallery in Zamalek. I have a hot and cold relationship with the works of Bakhoum; Sometimes I love them, other times, I’m not quite taken by the exhibition at all. This show embodies this feeling, because most of the … Continue reading The Orient is just pretty

Lamenting over Pink

Currently at Misr Gallery is Islam Zaher’s exhibit, “Pink & Lamentation.” First off- I really like that title. The use of a very heavily stereotyped colour (“pink is girly/sexual/juvenile/etc.”) and a deeply melancholic word was quite intriguing. Sadly I can’t quite say the same about the entire exhibition. Now there were a few gems in … Continue reading Lamenting over Pink

The Never ending Cycle

  Currently at Zamalek Art Gallery’s Venue II (it’s their new gallery space- if you haven’t seen it yet then you should) is an exhibit titled “The Cycle” by Kamal El Feky. One of the things I love about the Zamalek Art Gallery is how they like to represent young artists, without their young age … Continue reading The Never ending Cycle

Rabab Nemr’s Inner Beauty

Serge Gainsbourg has been quoted to say that “Ugliness is superior to Beauty, because it lasts”. Umberto Eco demonstrated the power of art to elevate even the most pitiable subject, stating that “Ugliness can be redeemed by a faithful and efficacious artistic portrayal.” Rabab Nemr’s latest exhibition, currently at the Zamalek Art Gallery,  titled “Helwa … Continue reading Rabab Nemr’s Inner Beauty

Miller & I.

I’ve always found great difficulty in describing the kind of struggle an critic or teacher goes through when analysing and critiquing an artist’s work. I have started many a post to tackle this subject, to quickly abandon it when I choke on my thoughts and eventually lose the ability to express myself with any hint … Continue reading Miller & I.