A beautiful nightmare, rather.


I’ve been pretty much swamped with work lately, so I haven’t been covering as many artists and shows as I should have been. My sincere apologies for that. However, I always lay low and come back to you with a few gems, so sometimes it’s worth the absence. This time, it’s artist Ali Abdel Mohsen. Continue reading “A beautiful nightmare, rather.”

Miller & I.

I’ve always found great difficulty in describing the kind of struggle an critic or teacher goes through when analysing and critiquing an artist’s work. I have started many a post to tackle this subject, to quickly abandon it when I choke on my thoughts and eventually lose the ability to express myself with any hint … Continue reading Miller & I.

Mohsen Abou El Azm

  It is unfortunate that there isn’t a solid, easily navigated database that collects all the names of Egypt’s contemporary artists, because there are a lot of great ones out there. Of these, is Mohsen Abou El Azm.  I love his work. Spectacularly observant with excellent attention to the nuances of what makes up the … Continue reading Mohsen Abou El Azm

On Redheads.

I must admit, I have a thing for women with red hair. I’m endlessly inspired by how unique and rare a beautiful, natural redhead is, and even more impressed by a fake redhead who pulls it off well. There is something about the hair colour, the usual accompanying splash of freckles and the juxtaposition of … Continue reading On Redheads.


The last few days have been difficult for me to digest, both in terms of the events that have happened in Egypt as well as my people’s reaction to them (Check here for news on Egypt in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past week). I doubt I have ever been more … Continue reading Uncured.

The Power of Line.

  If you’re in the mood for to see some solid drawing and a serious sense of what it feels and looks like to be an artist in angst, head over instantly to ArtTalks and check out Weaam El Masry’s latest exhibit “The Golden Fly”. Weaam El Masry is an artist who’s work has been … Continue reading The Power of Line.