Ori Gersht & I

The work of Ori Gersht, a fine Arts photography & Film professor at the University for the Creative Arts-  where I’ve got my MFA- was just what I was looking for. His landscapes are eerily breathtaking, evoking a mysterious past that the art directors of Game of Thrones would be jealous of. The series of … Continue reading Ori Gersht & I

Obvious Art?

Standing in front of a contemporary painting at an art gallery with a friend- who’s not quite in tune with the Arts- asking me “Is this supposed to be good? What does it mean?” is a scenario that has happened to me a lot more times than I ever thought I could endure. Which got me … Continue reading Obvious Art?

Leave Graffiti alone

In the past few months in Cairo, Grafitti has become our visual equivilant of the Titanic and Tweety frenzy a decade or so back. Loving it, doing it and having an audience for it has made grafitti mainstream- which is precisely what marks its demise. If your mum thinks it’s cool, then it’s dead. Reason for … Continue reading Leave Graffiti alone

Introducing the blog…

This blog aims to collect all my writing and opinions in one place, leading to online websites where my work is archived, or to published images of my articles. The blog itself attempts to act as an archive of Art and Art-related things happening predominantly in Egypt but also anywhere else in the world that’s … Continue reading Introducing the blog…