Lamenting over Pink

Currently at Misr Gallery is Islam Zaher’s exhibit, “Pink & Lamentation.” First off- I really like that title. The use of a very heavily stereotyped colour (“pink is girly/sexual/juvenile/etc.”) and a deeply melancholic word was quite intriguing. Sadly I can’t quite say the same about the entire exhibition. Now there were a few gems in … Continue reading Lamenting over Pink

The Never ending Cycle

  Currently at Zamalek Art Gallery’s Venue II (it’s their new gallery space- if you haven’t seen it yet then you should) is an exhibit titled “The Cycle” by Kamal El Feky. One of the things I love about the Zamalek Art Gallery is how they like to represent young artists, without their young age … Continue reading The Never ending Cycle

“Unknown Cafe”

Lately I’ve been getting into cartoons and caricatures when previously I’ve never need quite interested in that particular art form. I approached cartoon strips and caricatures with the shallowness of a newspaper skimmer, so I never looked at them with the same seriousness as I do a painting or an illustration. Also, I felt that … Continue reading “Unknown Cafe”

On just shutting up.

In reference to a recent conversation I’ve had with my husband, I’ve started to contemplate the level of honestly one should employ in critique. Obviously, eloquence is key, so saying things on the lines of: “The work is crap and its maker must be stoned in a public square because I say so” is certainly … Continue reading On just shutting up.

Masochistic much?

  It’s been a while since I’ve blogged (again), but this time it’s really not my laziness that was the culprit. This year has started off as rocky as the last, with a few heartbreaking events that have succeeded to put a serious dent in everyone’s productivity. It’s saddening not to know what’s happening, if … Continue reading Masochistic much?

Walls can speak.

Recently, after a visit to the gorgeous Wallraf das museum in Cologne, Germany, I’ve been contemplating the colour of walls in museums and galleries. I’ve come to the decision that museums differ greatly from galleries in this matter, since the display of older works may need a backdrop that is of more relevance to the … Continue reading Walls can speak.