Lamenting over Pink

Currently at Misr Gallery is Islam Zaher’s exhibit, “Pink & Lamentation.” First off- I really like that title. The use of a very heavily stereotyped colour (“pink is girly/sexual/juvenile/etc.”) and a deeply melancholic word was quite intriguing. Sadly I can’t quite say the same about the entire exhibition. Now there were a few gems in … Continue reading Lamenting over Pink

Rabab Nemr’s Inner Beauty

Serge Gainsbourg has been quoted to say that “Ugliness is superior to Beauty, because it lasts”. Umberto Eco demonstrated the power of art to elevate even the most pitiable subject, stating that “Ugliness can be redeemed by a faithful and efficacious artistic portrayal.” Rabab Nemr’s latest exhibition, currently at the Zamalek Art Gallery,  titled “Helwa … Continue reading Rabab Nemr’s Inner Beauty

Mohsen Abou El Azm

  It is unfortunate that there isn’t a solid, easily navigated database that collects all the names of Egypt’s contemporary artists, because there are a lot of great ones out there. Of these, is Mohsen Abou El Azm.  I love his work. Spectacularly observant with excellent attention to the nuances of what makes up the … Continue reading Mohsen Abou El Azm

Like a video game.

  It gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling inside when paintings remain current in their subject matter and look aesthetically solid at the same time. It doesn’t happen often unfortunately, hence the pleasant surprise that one experiences upon coming across that particular cocktail. Ahmed Kassim is one of the artists who I’ve grown to like … Continue reading Like a video game.

Lotfi Guirguis

I’ve always been a firm believer that Modern Egyptian Art has a very distinctive flair that’s quite different from anything we’ve seen in the modern era internationally. (It needs to be clarified that modern is not contemporary- Modern Art starts from the late 1800’s and runs till the 1960’s, whereas contemporary Art is anything after. … Continue reading Lotfi Guirguis


Recently I came across a Newsweek magazine with the front page article titled: “iCrazy: Is the web driving us mad?” The article (which you can read here) goes on to tell of frightening statistics on how the internet is eating away on our consciousness and rapidly turning us into self-involved, manic depressive creatures glued to … Continue reading iCrazy